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Shocking footage shows a tourist leaning out of a car window to stroke a lion sitting next to their car in a national park.

The lion is facing away from the car when the tourist leans over her fellow passenger to touch the lion in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.

Maasai Sightings said that touching the lion was a very dumb thing to do and the tourists could have easily got themselves killed and banned from the national park.

In the footage shared by Maasai Sightings yesterday the lion turns around and both passengers squirm as they lean their bodies towards the back of the car and the man tries to close the window.

The lion continues looking at them and leans towards the window and roars as the tourist tries to close it.

The tourist manages to close the window most of the way and the lion hisses as the car drives away.

The Serengeti National Park advises drivers don’t approach animals too closely and that a good rule is to stay at least 25 metres away.

They say that approaching too closely to animals such as lions may result in them altering their natural behaviour.

Another rule says tourists are not allowed to disturb the natural wildlife in any way and that loud noises, throwing objects, loud music and imitating animal noises are strictly forbidden.

The tourists’ car is pulled up right next to the lion and their window is open as the lion looks away from them
The tourists’ car is pulled up right next to the lion and their window is open as the lion looks away from them
One tourist reaches her arm out of the open window and touches the lion on its back
The lion turns around and glares at the tourist through the open window of their vehicle

This article was first published by The Daily Mail on 4 June 2020.

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