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Tunnels are an easy way to provide environmental enrichment for cats, and they can provide hours of fun for both solo and interactive play. I had a feeling Allegra was going to love the Magical Mewnicorn tunnel.


Tunnel features

  • One large 4-foot tunnel and four connected smaller tunnels
  • Crinkly material encourages curiosity
  • Dangly tail acts as a toy to be batted at
  • Non-toxic and odorless materials
  • Folds down for easy storage


Putting the tunnel to the test

The tunnel ships flat, tied with easy to untie ribbons. I had it set up within seconds – and it only took Allegra a few additional seconds to check it out.

The tunnel is generously sized, and even the smaller openings are big enough for Allegra to easily dash in and out with plenty of room to spare. The whimsical design is adorable.


I love that the tunnel is very lightweight, making it easy to move from room to room or fold up again for easy storage. Allegra played with it a lot the first couple of days I had it out, then she lost interest. I put it in the guest bedroom behind closed doors for a few days, then brought it back out, and it was like it was a brand new toy again. It makes me happy to see how much she enjoys darting in and out of the tunnel. I also use wand toys to tease her through the smaller openings, and she thinks that makes for an excellent game.

The Magical Meownicorn Tunnel is available from Amazon.


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