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Did someone say “summer vacation?” Cats are always ready for a little R & R, and the summer months are the perfect time for them to kick back (more than usual) and fully enjoy the lazy, hazy days. Here are nine ways cats might soak up summer vacation, with a little help from the humans in their lives.

1.  Fancy, tropical drinks

A “fancy” and “tropical” beverage may mean a Mai Tai to a human; however, a cat just needs a couple of ice cubes in her water dish to feel like she’s livin’ large. The cubes help her cool down during especially warm weather, so get ready to serve up those happy hour kitty “cocktails.” Just don’t expect a tip!

cat summer vacation

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2. Sunning

Kitties are kings and queens of the sun puddle, and
summer’s puddles can provide much-loved warmth. Like us, cats can overheat and even get a sunburn. Because of this, be wary of your cat soaking up rays during the hottest hours of the day, usually between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Then it’s time to throw some shade kitty’s way.

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3.  Spa treatments

What’s a vacation without a bit of pampering? Time for those relaxing spa visits! Excess fur traps heat, so stay on top of grooming to keep kitty cool and comfortable. Brush your cat regularly so she can avoid unpleasant body temps … and look fabulous.

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4. Relaxed play

Vacation means relaxation. Even playful cats need a break from the extreme running, jumping and chasing that fuels their friskiness — especially during heat waves. Why not a game of “chase the ice cube” across the kitchen floor? Score! A round of gravy shots for everyone!

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5. Air conditioning

When the temps rise, the good ol’ AC comes to the rescue. Summer vacation without the comfort and convenience of air conditioning is, well, hot — so if you have it, use it! Cats want to be lazy slugs and escape intense heat, just like we do.

cat summer vacation

Photo: ©nndanko | Getty Images

6. Bird-watching

Aside from staring at humans, willing us to give them a second breakfast, one of cats’ favorite hobbies is bird-watching. Placing a feeder near a window may bring a variety of birdies within kitty’s view, thus providing a choice observation experience. Plus, they know how much we enjoy hearing them do that strange-but-cute chirpy thing while they watch birds. Even though we’re on this earth to serve them, they like to indulge us every once in a while.

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7. Fans

Fabulous felines deserves nothing less than being fanned by their servants — just like ancient Egyptian royalty. That’s why we humans, as their servants, should make sure they have access to fans on hot days. We don’t necessarily have to fan them ourselves, but our cats probably wouldn’t be opposed to that kind of attention.

8. Towel service

“Jeeves, rub me down with a cool, damp towel — and make it snappy!” That kind of towel service is just the thing, especially when you wear a fur coat year-round. Most cats don’t usually enjoy getting wet, but a rubdown from head to tail may be a welcome experience during sweltering weather. “Now prepare my cabana — kitty wants treats.”

9. Cabanas

Frittering away an afternoon in a cabana is the perfect way to lounge away the heat of summer. Create a kitty “cabana” for your cat by flipping a cardboard box on its side and placing it out of direct sunlight. Don’t forget the colorful beach towel folded up inside the box, and leave a little pile of treats within paw’s reach. If you’re gonna go all in, go all in.

Top featured photo: Sonsedska | Getty Images

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