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Give your pup their own special place ❤️

Amazon dog crates


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Whether you’re looking to crate train your new dog, or create a space where your older pup can relax and get away from it all, there are so many crates for sale that it can be overwhelming to try to pick the right one.

To help you out, we rounded up the crates that dog owners are loving most on Amazon right now — and each pick has hundreds of great reviews to back them up. (Bonus? They’re all pretty affordable!)


Double Door Dog Crate

This crate has almost 40,000 rave reviews and an optional divider panel that’ll let you make the interior bigger as your dog grows. It also has a removable plastic bin — perfect for when your puppy has an accident and you need to clean up the mess!

Buy it now on Amazon for $34.99+


Pet Travel Bag

This crate is foldable and perfect for indoor use, outdoor use and even travel. It has a strong steel frame to make sure it stays standing, and there are also plenty of mesh windows so your dog never feels confined. The cover is removable and machine washable — perfect for when your pup gets muddy on adventures!

Buy it now on Amazon for $49.85+


lightweight travel dog bag

This crate isn’t only adorable — it’s versatile, too. It’s lightweight and designed for travel, but many reviewers say their dogs prefer this crate over their regular ones at home!

Buy it now on Amazon for $49+


End table dog crate

This crate looks like an end table, so it’s perfect for blending into your home. It comes in four different colors, including antique white, russet, gray and espresso — so it easily works with most styles! Note that it’s not the best as a training crate since it’s not fully metal, so make sure your dog already knows that crates are their friends before getting it.

Buy it now on Amazon for $99.78+

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