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need to know information before owning an axolotl.

If you’ve never owned aquatic life before I highly suggest doing deeper and extensive research on the water cycle and how to maintain a healthy tank before getting an axolotl!
Do not use any fish supplements or medicines in an axolotl tank- it is dangerous to amphibians. Water conditioner being an exception.

Recommended products:
-20 gallon long aquarium
-CaribSea Super Naturals Premium Aquarium Substrate
-Fluval 20 or higher
– Aqueon water conditioner (kind I use, most other kinds will work too)
-Aquarium Cooling Fan
-Thermometer (to make sure temp is below 70 and ideally below 66)
-Hiding Spots (Pvc pipes work fine)
-Live Night Crawlers for food
-Live ghost shrimp as treats
-Syphon to clean substrate weekly

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