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Your cat will thank you 😻💅

Cat scratching post


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Cats love scratching posts because they can crawl and attack them to their hearts’ content.

Cat parents love scratching posts because they’re a major key to helping to save furniture from the destruction of energetic kitty claws.

These scratching posts are perfect for letting your cat stretch her legs, hide in a secret passage or sharpen her nails — all while keeping your favorite couch out of harm’s way.


Multilevel cat scratching post

This multi-level cat tree is perfect if you have a multi-cat household — or if you have a single cat who really loves to be spoiled. With tons of platforms, scratching poles and hidey holes to explore, it will keep your cat(s) entertained for much longer than your standard scratching post.

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Cat lounging post

People aren’t the only ones who get excited by the sight of a hammock — this compact scratching post is perfect for the cat who just wants to nap and laze around. Not only will she be able to get in the perfect snooze, but if she does get a burst of energy she has a handy ball to play with right there!

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Stable Cat scratching post

This scratching post is perfect for those cats who love to knock into them at super high speed — or for cats who eat a little too much and need extra stability to go along with their extra rolls. With a sturdy wood base and long-lasting construction that’s also perfect for filing nails, it’s a favorite of cats of all shapes and sizes.

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Foldable cat scratching post

Perfect for apartments, this foldable cat tower can easily be tucked away under a couch when not in use — or taken on a road trip!

Buy it now on Amazon for $58.99

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