Good To Know

He protec.

He attac.

But most importantly, he try to egg hatch…

Cat parents across TikTok are having some fun with their felines and some eggs. While its assumed a cat’s first instinct would be to knock an egg on the ground because it would splatter so well, the outcome is actually a split. Some cats are tender with their charges. Other felines are eager to scramble the eggs.

@annafromtiktok shared, “Apparently, if you give a cat an egg, they protect it, because its fragile.”

cat snuggles egg


Her kitty dear treated the egg with such TLC, the amazed cat mom admitted, “Felt like I was interrupting something tbh”.

When the kitty took to kissing the egg, mom melted over the cuteness! Us too…

funny cats


But one user confirmed our first suspicions in the comments of this particular TikTok, proving not all cats can handle the responsibility. Laika shared, “i did that and they rolled it off the counter”.

So, some cats take the duty with care and concern. Others hope to spread sticky disaster across your floor!

Let’s see how many cats protec and how many attac their eggs…

Cats and the Egg Challenge

A tabby cat makes sure the gifted egg stays warm and snug in a big blankie!

tabby cat blanket


Another sweetie kitty also wanted to keep the egg warm and secure, so curling a paw around it felt like the right and most adorable move…

Instagram cats are getting in on the fun, or in this kitty’s case, confusion. The bobtail cat in question looks rather stumped over the egg. After a second, its all good though and the kitty relaxes, egg between legs…

cat stretched out


Murzik proved to be a responsible tabby by completing a successful egg challenge!

orange tabby cat


But just when we think an egg is safe, a cat has other ideas that end in yolky carpet! This sassy cat’s mom “expected nothing less”…


Kayley the Cat took the egg protection duty, even if she wasn’t sure what to do with it!


Another cat looks vexed by the egg, but still cradles it gently in curious paws…


A Ragdoll could have first cared less about her egg, but she got feisty when her mom tried to take it…


And then, there are the complete fails…

Cats certainly do cuckoo things, but for all their oddities, we love them even more! Cats are the best, paws down!

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Feature Image: @juna_oskar/Instagram

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