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Iguanas are among the world’s most spectacular reptiles but they are not recommended as beginner-level pets. Many iguana species grow over 1.5 m long, and have demanding requirements in captivity. This film showcases green iguanas, and showcases its unique adaptations, including its “pariental eye (“third eye”). We then look at the essentials of how to keep a mantis at home!

Before obtaining any pet, please watch the Golden Rules of Animal Husbandry film:

The Weird and Wonderful Pets project is about inspiring young minds!

While animal husbandry must always be taken VERY seriously (see Golden Rules video at the link above), many exotic small animals have quite simple culture requirements, and it is easy to provide suitable habitats to meet their needs.

If you can (1) buy pets from ethical sources, (2) provide a suitable environment with correct culture conditions, (3) only obtain the quantity of pets that you can properly take care of and (4) ensure that no pets escape into habitats in which they do not belong, then looking after weird and wonderful pets, and showing their life cycles and natural history stories to the next generation is an incredible way to inspire young minds and help nurture the next generation of naturalists, scientists and conservationists.

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