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The logic of cats isn’t for humans to understand.

We can try all we want, but some feline actions will just never make sense.

No matter how hard humans try to puzzle out the thought process behind the choices cats make, we often find ourselves in deeper states of confusion. Subjects like string theory and rocket science become elementary study when held up next to rationalizing the motivations of felines.

After all, we might never understand why a cat would choose a dustpan over the cushy bed just two steps away!

cat logic


This is but one example of a cat defying what seems to be sound logic for an alternative plan. Searching #catlogic reveals cats truly make no sense.

To Be So Smart, Cats Make Little to Zero Sense

When considering cats, its far more simple to accept them as the mysteries they are and just laugh at their ridiculousness. For example, the ‘if i fits, i sits’ rule. There’s no clear rationale in our mind, but Poppy understands it clearly and with much comfort!

if i fits i sits


Here’s another example, Spock sees no need for a pillow when the human’s head works just fine…

cat logic

Spock the Cat/Facebook

And Hissa, ever a practical cat, sees a pillow as a fine blanket…

cat logic


So a Thunder Box makes total sense when the storms are raging outside, but when the skies are sunny, wouldn’t you think Dorian might prefer the comfy bed?


While it makes sense “the window seat is the best seat,” and taking the high ground is important, a kitten has already convoluted the knowledge into cat logic…

cat logic


A totally adorable tubby tabby offers a thought we can’t riddle out, “If I can’t see you, you can’t see me.”

cat logic

Kat Heckenbach/Facebook

Cat logic has one parent throwing hands up and crying out, “That’s it…I’m done…I am done buying things for my cat.”

cat logic


It is worth mentioning that some cat antics can be explained, like these sweet Siamese cats who just wanted a better view of the flowers, so they brought them to bed! That logic is quite sound to felines and humans.


Yet, between their overall logic and ideas on what’s comfy, cats might never fully make sense to their parents!


Water…always a battle! “3 water bowls and 1 pet fountain in our house, yet Babe needs to stick her entire face in my glass of water”. Sounds about right!

Too Many Cats/Facebook

And, the ultimate cat logic humans will never understand, the food bowl…


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Feature Image: @rocky.and.poppy/Instagram

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