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Cats are notorious for hiding illnesses. In many cases, your cat won’t show any symptoms of a condition until it worsens. Your cat’s health is a priority though, so it’s important for cat parents to keep tabs on their feline’s well-being. That’s why PrettyLitter has created a revolutionary cat litter that can detect your cat’s health without any hassle. Your cat just has to do their business as usual, and the litter will change colors to reflect potential health concerns.

Cat Admiring PrettyLitter

PrettyLitter’s Color-Changing Technology

When your cat uses PrettyLitter, the litter can change colors to alert you of potential health concerns. Normally, the white crystal litter will turn dark yellow or olive green when your cat does their business. If your cat’s urine has an abnormal pH or the presence of blood though, the litter will then turn blue, green, or red to let you know. With this revolutionary litter, your cat’s routine will remain the same, but you’ll be able to keep tabs on their health easier.

The health-monitoring technology is just the beginning of what makes this litter unique. PrettyLitter is a crystal litter as opposed to the clay litter that many cats use. This causes it to create less dust, which also means less mess. Plus, a single bag of PrettyLitter can last up to four weeks. So, you only have to replace the litter about once a month and simply scoop the poop in between.

Cat Sitting by PrettyLitter

With PrettyLitter, your cat’s health is a priority. So, PrettyLitter ships their lightweight litter right to your door every month. That way, you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy litter home from the pet store ever again. Using PrettyLitter to help keep your cat healthy is convenient and low maintenance.

What Conditions Can PrettyLitter Detect?

PrettyLitter can help detect several common health concerns for cats, including urinary tract infections, bladder inflammation, bladder stones, and kidney tubular acidosis. You can be alerted of these health problems simply by looking at the color of your cat’s litter.

Color-Changing Cat Litter

Here is what each litter color could mean for your cat:

  • Blue or dark green: these colors indicate a high urinary pH, which could be related to a urinary tract infection (UTI) or bladder stones. Bladder stones are small crystals that are found in a cat’s bladder, which could cause inflammation and blockages. UTIs are caused by bacteria, and they could trigger your cat to urinate more frequently.
  • Orange: this color indicates a low urinary pH, which could be related to metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis. Both of these conditions refer to too much acid in your cat’s body, which leads to low acidity in their urine.
  • Dark yellow or olive green: these colors are the typical colors of cat urine, so there’s no cause for concern.
  • Red: this color indicates the presence of blood, which could be related to bladder inflammation, bladder stones, or a UTI.

If you notice blue, dark green, orange, or red in your cat’s litter, and the color persists for 48 hours, then you should visit your vet as soon as you can. From there, your vet will be able to give an official diagnosis. In many cases, this litter could alert you that something is wrong before your cat even shows symptoms.

How Does PrettyLitter Detect Your Cat’s Health Concerns?

PrettyLitter is a crystal litter, which is made with silica gel beads. Silica gel beads are solid granules of sodium silicate with microscopic pores, which allows them to absorb liquid much more effectively than clay litter can. When comparing clay and crystal litter, crystal litter like PrettyLitter is more absorbent and better at odor control.

PrettyLitter Crystal Litter

PrettyLitter’s crystal litter reacts to certain urinary elements in order to help monitor your cat’s health. This includes levels of acidity and alkalinity in your cat’s urine. When presented with an abnormality in your cat’s urine, the litter is able to change colors in a way that’s visible to humans, thus making PrettyLitter a life-changing cat litter.

Keeping tabs on your cat’s health doesn’t have to be difficult. With PrettyLitter, you could be alerted of a serious health concern before symptoms even show. Plus, you don’t have to change any part of your cat’s routine, other than their litter. We’re proud to have PrettyLitter as our sponsor, so you can now get 20% off your first month with the code BESTPET20!

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