Pet Care – How To Care Your Dog In Rainy Session
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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is an owner of Grewal Pet Shop and Farm, Main Road, Adampur. In this video, he tells about hoe to care your dog in rainy session in the Hindi Language.

1. It’s a downer for every dog to stay indoors during the rainy season. It affects their physical and psychological health. As a responsible dog owner, you should prepare your dog before you go out together, as well as when you stay inside your home. Activities should continue even if it is raining. Dogs are creatures of habit.

2. You should not let the rain alter their routine, or they will stress out. The rain is not good if you and your dog are not prepared for it. It’s not only cold, but it’s also very wet out there. Making sure that your dog is healthy even when he has his daily walk in the rain is essential for your furry friend’s well being.

3. It’s never an excuse for a dog to stay cooped up inside just because it’s raining. All you need to do is be aware of the safety and protective measures you need to take when it is time to walk in the rain. You are not the only one who needs to stay dry. Even if dogs are covered with fur, they still need to be shielded from the elements. Take care of your dog during the rainy season, and you will have a loyal friend for years to come rain or shine.

4. The rainy season is nature’s way of cleaning up and rejuvenating your surroundings. It would be great to go outside and enjoy the sights, smells, and sounds of the rain with your loyal furry friend. Of course, you should be aware that the rainy season is not exactly ideal weather for dogs. Discomfort and health issues are the main things you should watch out for during the rainy season. Here are some ways to care for your dog when it’s wet outside.

5. Wet or damp, fur is an ideal incubation area for fungi and bacteria. Make sure that you rub down your dog before and after your walk. You can also blow dry your dog’s fur to fend off the dampness. During the rainy season, bathing your dog can be tedious and messy. It will also help if you use a dry shampoo instead of giving your dog regular baths.

6. Paws are sensitive. They come in contact with the ground all the time. This is the reason they are prone to infection. It is ideal to make your dog wear protective boots or shoes during the rainy season. Doing so will prevent mud, water, grass, and insects from getting into their paws. Paws can easily harbor pathogens or vectors of diseases. If your dog isn’t used to paw-wear, just wipe off, and clean your dog’s paws after the walk. It could also help if you trim the fur around the paws, especially if you have a longhaired breed such as a golden retriever, Afghan hound, Shih Tzu, or Irish setter.

7. There is nothing better than having a warm, dry bed to sleep in during the rainy season. If your dog is used to spending time on the terrace or balcony, a covered resting area with dry bedding should be provided. All food or drinking bowls should be covered as well. During the rainy season, any surface gets cold, and this could harm your dog’s joints. The bedding should be changed frequently to prevent bacteria from accumulating.

8. Your dog can contract ear infections during the rainy season. Moisture easily accumulates in dogs with closed ears such as Dachshunds, Labradors, and Basset Hounds. Earwax and moisture come together and cause ear infections. Just like the paws, ears should always be kept dry, especially after your walk outside. If your dog has long, closed ears, you could just tie them up over your dog’s head.

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