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Hi everyone, it’s Allegra! I want to tell you about a cool new game Mom played with me the other day! Okay, so maybe she didn’t think it was all that cool, but I thought it was great fun.

The other morning, Mom let me play with my Hexbug. If you don’t know what that is, it’s this little caterpillar thingie that crawls around on its own. I guess it’s supposed to mimic a real bug. I don’t know why humans think we don’t know toys from real bugs, but that’s okay, it’s still fun to play with it. Normally, she only lets the Hexbug run loose in her laundry basket, but that morning, she let it run around on the kitchen floor. Now this was interesting!

Mom made a fun game out of it. We both watched the Hexbug. Sometimes I followed it and batted at it. Sometimes, she redirected it when it got too close to the edge of the kitchen floor and toward the carpet (it won’t work on carpet.) And then, like a typical human, she got distracted. How humans don’t get that you can’t take your eyes off your prey for even a second is beyond me. But next thing I knew, the Hexbug was going under the refrigerator.


And that’s where it got stuck. I could hear it hum and move, but I couldn’t get to it. I heard Mom say a not very nice word. Then things got a little scary, because all of a sudden, the giant refrigerator started moving toward me! I didn’t like that at all!  Mom could tell I was getting upset, and spoke to me in a quiet voice, explaining that it was okay, that she had to move the refrigerator to get the Hexbug out for me. I wasn’t so sure about that. Couldn’t we just leave it under there? Maybe it would come out on its own?

But Mom was determined to get it out. She said it would drive her crazy to have to listen to it until the battery died. The refrigerator kept moving, and I ran into the living room to get away from it. Eventually, I crept closer to see what Mom was doing. And OMG, I couldn’t believe me eyes! There were so many toys behind the refrigerator! Toys that had gone missing a very long time ago!

Mom kept using a few more not so nice words, and got a broom and started sweeping up toys and dust bunnies. She pulled the toys out of the pile and cleaned them up for me. Then the refrigerator started moving again! This time, I wasn’t taking any chances and took off for the bedroom.

Eventually, I went back to the kitchen, and everything looked normal, but I’m still giving the refrigerator the stink eye. It better not move again!

Kitties, have you ever seen your refrigerator move?

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