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“He was one happy boy.”

Getting a car for your 16th birthday is the ultimate present — so when Allie Miller’s dachshund Moose approached his milestone birthday, she knew exactly what to do to make it a special one. 

“We jokingly call Moose our little grumpy old man when really he is one of the sweetest pups I know,” Miller told The Dodo. “He’s extremely goofy and his old age has not slowed him down a bit!”

Moose the senior dachshund selling pupsicles
Allie Miller

Moose loves eating Popsicles, barking at squirrels, going on walks with the neighbor’s dog — as well as taking relaxing rides in the car. For senior pup’s birthday, Miller not only got Moose a little car of his own but a driver’s license to make sure everything was “legal.” 

Miller made the special license herself, and the final result was perfect: “I found a stock image online and Photoshopped everything to be accurate for Moose,” Miller said. “I wanted it to look as real as I possibly could to make the joke even better.”

A driver's license for Moose the 16-year-old dog
Allie Miller

She included Moose’s birthday, his height, weight, an initial for his middle name and the address “1234 Wiener Dog Central, Springfield, IL.”

Dog gets his own car and driver's license
Allie Miller

When Moose’s birthday arrived, Miller placed him in a Little Tikes car adorned with a big bow next to his license for a special photo shoot. The dog was laid-back about the whole thing and seemed to enjoy the attention.

“We do tend to go all out for Moose’s birthday every year,” Miller said. “He’s a huge part of our family so his day is just as special, it’s to the point where my parents, brother, sister, her fiancé, and myself actually sing happy birthday to him. I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t spoiled!”

Moose the dachshund riding in his car
Allie Miller

Afterward, Moose celebrated his independence with his favorite treat: a tasty Popsicle.

Allie Miller

“He was one happy boy,” Miller said. “He enjoys a nice car ride so I think he was excited to finally have his own.”

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