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By Sarah Jane:

To introduce ourselves.

My name is Sarah Jane. My partner Ray and I moved to Bulgaria from Leicester, UK in March 2016….(I’m originally from Derbyshire and Rays originally from Sicily)

It wasn’t long after we moved here that I soon discovered that animal welfare here is very very poor and especially for the street animals.

Here there is a huge stray cat population with very little to no help and especially in the rural areas of Bulgaria where we live.

Three years ago I found and took in two Ginger brother kittens (The only survivors from a litter and that’s when we started to Rescue..Even though I had never had any cats before I had always loved them and Gingers were always my favourite..I don’t know if it’s an Eastern European thing but here we seem to have so many Ginger strays.

Because we had never had any cats before everything has been such a huge learning curve for us.
Over the last three years we’ve very sadly lost a few here (Unfortunately vets and diagnosis is not the best in our area but I’m learning as much as I possibly can to help them all)

We now have 18 that live with us in their Furever home including Alba who is blind and Dottie who had both her back legs amputated after a car accident..

Everynight I walk 2 kilometres to feed and medicate many of the street cats and kittens and some I’ve been helping now for nearly three years…

We currently live in a fourth floor apartment which has now become a huge catio including the terrace which we made secure for all our Furbabies to enjoy the fresh air and watching the birds but in a safe environment and I’ve turned our spare bedroom into a Rescue room where we currently have our latest Rescues, Freddie and Fleur but we are getting so desperate for more room now so we’re now in the process of buying a village house and garden so we can build a clinic, Isolation area, Catios and Walkways for them all and continue our Rescue work “Tails of Hope”.

The house will be renovated and designed for the cats and we will just live there as Furever servants.

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