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Who can relate? 🙋🐈😂

When a stray cat gave birth on Beatriz Azevedo’s family farm in Portugal, Azevedo immediately fell in love with her kitten. Azevedo’s family adopted the mama cat, and Azevedo and her boyfriend knew they had to adopt the little kitten, whom they named Charlot, as soon as he was ready to leave his mom. 

“We don’t know if love at first sight really exists but it happened with us,” Azevedo told The Dodo. 

From the very beginning, Charlot has always had a ton of energy. He loves to run all around the house and chase his tail, and he even tries to climb the walls. He’s always very interested in whatever Azevedo is doing, and loves to try and “help” her if he can. 

“He is always after me when I am doing something,” Azevedo said. “If I am cooking, doing laundry, cleaning, he is always with me, no matter what.”

Since Charlot has to be involved in whatever chores his mom is doing, he’s always with her whenever she’s trying to make the bed — and the kitten quickly discovered that that’s his absolute favorite chore to help out with. 

“He just lays in the bed and I have to be always taking him off,” Azevedo said. “This happens when I put clean sheets in the bed but also on a regular basis when I am just making [the] bed.” 

Whenever Azevedo tries to make the bed, Charlot immediately gets in the way, and she found it so funny that one day she decided to document it and post the video on Charlot’s Instagram. As everyone who has a cat knows, making a bed with a cat around is not at all easy, and Charlot’s video perfectly showcases how tricky it can be. 

Charlot, of course, has an absolute blast getting in the way of the bed-making process, and has no plans to stop anytime soon. 

“His favorite part is when I am ‘shaking’ the sheets to put them in place,” Azevedo said. 

There are lots of household things that Charlot likes to get in the way of, but making the bed will always be his favorite, and hopefully his mom will be able to capture even more videos of him being adorably naughty. 

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