A little farm kitten walked up to a couple and insisted on going home with them.

Claire Adams

Kyle, a farmer from Indiana, and his partner Claire were at the farm when suddenly, they heard a kitten’s cries. A little ball of fur found the couple and immediately made a beeline to them. “She walked right up to us, shivering, and wouldn’t stop following us,” Claire shared with Love Meow.

The couple decided to wait for the cat mother to return. Eventually, a feral cat showed up but showed no interest in the kitten. “The mom didn’t want anything to do with her.”

They couldn’t leave the little one out to fend for herself. When they went back for her, she ran towards them and insisted on going home with them.

Claire Adams

The kitten named Millie got all cleaned up and ate to her heart’s content. They wrapped her up with a blanket to keep her warm. She purred up a storm while cuddling with her new parents.

The sweet feline quickly crawled her way into their hearts.

Claire Adams

On her first trip to the vet, the kitten nestled away comfortably in Kyle’s beanie while waiting for her turn. The vet estimated her to be around three weeks old and that she would need a few more weeks of bottle feedings.

The couple worked as a team to accommodate the kitten’s feeding schedule. They brought her to work every day and took time to care for her every few hours, around the clock.

Claire Adams

The kitten rarely spent time alone as her humans made themselves readily available for her, whenever she needed a cuddle or a nap buddy.

For a while, baby Millie only napped on her humans. She would snuggle in their arms, on their laps or in the crook of their necks. The needy kitty wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Claire Adams

Millie became great friends with the resident dog Sadie and their new pup Boone, and claimed to be the alpha of the pack. She kept her canine friends very busy with her rambunctious nature, creating all sorts of antics around the house.

Sadie took the little one under her wing and kept an eye on her like a protective big sister. Boone the pup won over Millie after some time. She now plays with his big paws and tail and even tries to teach him some feline skills.

Claire Adams

Watch the kitten’s journey in this cute video:

Millie the kitten

Millie has a quirky, lively personality that keeps everyone in the house thoroughly entertained. The bigger she gets, the more rambunctious and mischievous she becomes.

“She is such a whirlwind of energy,” Claire shared with Love Meow.

Claire Adams

At nine months old, Millie has blossomed into a gorgeous torbie cat, full of sass and cattitude. She thinks she is part canine and is constantly on the lookout for new things to play with.

She still follows her humans around the house, offers them a “helping” paw when they do chores, and never misses out on the action.

Claire Adams

If there is an empty water bowl, Millie will be sure to roll around in it, attempting to fit her whole body inside. Nothing seems to be impossible for the little mischief-maker.

Claire Adams

“Millie gets into everything but we love her. When she mellows out and gets all cuddly, it reminds us how lucky we are to have her. She has found her way into our hearts and home.”

Claire Adams

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