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We’re super excited about Hauspanther’s new line of freeze-dried raw cat treats and meal toppers. Developed by Kate Benjamin and sourced and made in the USA, these treats are everything I look for in a cat treat.

About freeze-dried cat food

Freeze-dried raw food for cats has most of the same nutritional benefits as fresh or frozen food, but in a convenient and shelf-stable form. The freeze-drying process stabilizes raw meat, retaining the flavor and nutrients while killing harmful bacteria. The resulting product is a dry form of raw meat that needs to be reconstituted with water before feeding.

Not all freeze-dried cat food is the same. Some freeze-dried cat treats use cooked meat that is them freeze-dried, so these treats do not offer the same nutritional benefits as raw freeze-dried treats. Some freeze-dried products create a slurry (a mixture that is cooked and usually contains flour, cornstarch or other binders) with the meat, organs and bones plus added supplements that is then formed into nuggets that are freeze-dried. The Hauspanther freeze-dried products use a different method that freeze-dries whole meat, organs and bone, then, for certain recipes, mixes in any necessary supplements, resulting in a top-quality product.


Sourced and manufactured in the USA

“With recent pet food recalls from companies that make their products overseas, it was very important to me that the Hauspanther freeze-dried cat products be made in the USA with US-sourced ingredients,” said Kate Benjamin. All of Hauspanther’s meat and the majority of the other ingredients are sourced in the US. They do not source any ingredients from China.

Putting Hauspanther Freeze-Dried Treats to the test

Treats can be hit or miss with Allegra, and I was really hoping that she would love these, since I love everything about them. I shouldn’t have worried:

The treats are available in three flavors: Turkey Heart, Chicken Liver, and Beef Liver. We tested the Turkey Heart and Chicken Liver flavors, and Allegra liked them both equally.


Also new from Hauspanther: Freeze-Dried Raw Meal Toppers

These meal toppers can be a godsend for finicky eaters and can be especially helpful when you’re transitioning a cat to a healthier diet. Available in three varieties, each featuring a different protein, and they also have a daily support supplement added in. Choose from:

  • Chicken Topper with heart-supporting taurine, an essential amino acid
  • Beef Topper with omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, DHA Gold and biotin for vibrant skin & coat
  • Elk & Venison Topper with prebiotics, probiotics and enzymes for soothing digestion

The treats and meal toppers are available from Amazon, or directly from Hauspanther.


We love these treats so much that we’re giving them our coveted Seal of Approval.


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