A cat was found in a driveway along with her kittens. One of her babies was especially attached to her.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

A calico cat had been roaming the streets in a Los Angeles neighborhood for quite some time until she was spotted in a driveway with her kittens. Kind neighbors tried to care for them but soon realized that they needed a safer place to stay.

Wrenn Rescues (in Southern California) was contacted, and their foster volunteer, Jen Marder, immediately opened her home to the feline family. “The kittens were 3.5 weeks old and very small and skinny for their age, but they were super alert and active,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

The doting cat mom started caring for her kittens right after they settled into their new abode. She was so happy to have a roof over their heads, and her purrs reverberated throughout the room.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Despite not producing much milk, the sweet calico continued to nurse her feisty little babies and let them cuddle with her day and night, unconditionally. “Mama is just the sweetest thing. She wants love and purrs constantly.”

She was named Whistler’s Mother (aka Anna) after the famous painting by James McNeill Whistler. Her kittens, Van Gogh, Lily, Starry, da Vinci, and Whistler, began to put on weight and gain strength with supplemental care from their foster mom.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

The goal is to get them adopted in pairs so they will always have a buddy to play and cuddle with. Jen wanted to let Anna pick the kitten that she’d like to pair with, but one of the babies chose her instead.

Over the next few weeks, Jen noticed that one particular kitten constantly stayed in Mama’s shadow. Whistler, the gray kitty with the white forehead stripe that goes down toward her right eye, was exceptionally needy of Mama’s attention. She spent more time with Anna than all her siblings combined.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Whistler clings to her mom and insists on being the closest to her at all times. After playing to her heart’s content, she comes running to Anna and nuzzles under her arms or belly for some TLC.

“Everywhere Mama goes, Whistler follows! When the babies still comfort nurse, Whistler is always the one closest to Anna,” Jen told Love Meow.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

As soon as Whistler figured out the art of grooming by watching her mom, she returned the favor by cleaning Anna’s face, showering her with licks.

While other kittens enjoy their time exploring, playing and wrestling with each other, Whistler is often seen next to her mom, cuddling away in bliss.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

“They are almost always together. Of course, mama loves her other babies, and Whistler also cuddles with her siblings, but more often than not, it is about these two,” Jen added.

Whistler likes to wrap her whole body around her mom when she naps.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

The sweet kitten can’t get enough of her mother’s love. She would nuzzle into her neck all day long if she could.

Despite being weaned, Whistler still comes to her mom to comfort nurse. Anna doesn’t mind at all.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Whenever the family naps in a cuddle puddle, the overly attached kitten will always find her way next to her mama.

Whistler nestled behind Anna when they had their family portrait taken recently.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Anna has been a wonderful mom to all her kittens, and little Whistler has crawled her way into her heart. The mother and daughter duo is now ready for their next chapter in life.

“I am really hoping we can find a perfect home for Anna and Whistler together,” Jen said.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Some of the kittens have been pre-adopted. Anna and Whistler as well as Vinci and Starry are still looking for their dream homes.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

Sweet Whistler is the happiest, most content girl when she has her mom by her side.

Jen Marder @jenfosterskittens

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