A kitten who was found in a field, snuggled up to a young man and wouldn’t let go.

Sunny @iamchimera407

Malia from New York was at Co-Op City Field in the Bronx for her son’s baseball game when she heard commotion from a crowd. A litter of kittens were found huddled up together in the field.

The kittens were covered in filth and just skin and bones. There was no sign of a mother cat, so Malia contacted Sunny, a local animal rescuer, for help. “She and her husband rushed the little ones over to me. My son (CJ Sung) and I took them in and bathed and bottle-fed all of them,” Sunny told Love Meow.

The kittens were around three weeks old and needed round-the-clock care. In just one day, they began to perk up. One of them quickly stood out.

Sunny @iamchimera407

The chimera tortie instantly took a liking to Sunny’s younger son and wanted to be held or cuddled by him. If anyone took her away from her favorite person, she wouldn’t stand it for a second and would put on a feisty, tough face.

There was so much sass packed into that tiny body. “Chimera automatically took to CJ and would hiss at me and my older son, even though I was the bottle feeder,” Sunny added.

Sunny @iamchimera407

The kitten was immediately at ease when CJ put her in his arms. The initial plan was to foster the litter until they were ready for adoption, but the tortie girl quickly crawled her way into the hearts of the family, especially CJ’s.

“The moment he saw her, he said, ‘I like her. She’s my kitty,'” Sunny shared with Love Meow. “He fell in love with her and begged me to keep her. He named her Chimera.”

Sunny @iamchimera407

After the kittens bounced back on their paws, their little personalities started to emerge.

Chimera enjoyed playing with her siblings, but more often than not, she would trade playtime for cuddles with her favorite human.

Sunny @iamchimera407

The little tortie became the Chief of Mischief. She was one of the first to venture out of her playpen and plot new antics, and she was constantly on the lookout for trouble.

CJ was the only person in the household that was able to “tame” her. She would immediately relax and be ready to cuddle with her best friend.

Sunny @iamchimera407

“She is a troublemaker and likes to get herself into places that she should not,” Sunny said. “She is really smart and knows whom to run to when she gets in trouble.”

Over the next few weeks, Chimera and her siblings really flourished into beautiful, rambunctious young cats. The intrepid tortie continued to do whatever she pleased and didn’t have a worry in the world.

Sunny @iamchimera407

“Once the kittens became of age, Chimera’s siblings were adopted out, and she stayed here with us.”

The spicy tortie has been a prankster to the other resident cats. She tolerates most people but her demeanor instantly shifts to her lovey-dovey side when she is around CJ.

Sunny @iamchimera407

Chimera likes to run around the house, wreaking havoc, but as soon as CJ is back, she is ready to snuggle.

“She acts like a perfect angel when he is home,” Sunny told Love Meow.

Sunny @iamchimera407

All grown up now, the tortie girl is still the same spitfire that they met on day one.

Her tail has bloomed into its full glory. She shows it off proudly wherever she goes.

Sunny @iamchimera407

Her mischievous nature continues to dominate the house. She rules the roost with her unbridled energy.

It only takes seconds after CJ shows up for Chimera to turn into a love-bug.

Sunny @iamchimera407

To this day, CJ is the only person that she cuddles with. “He is her best friend. She definitely chose him,” Sunny said.

Sunny @iamchimera407

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