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Once I finished transforming my closet into an enclosure for my ferrets in this DIY project, I never made a video showing how I finished the interior. While I was doing a regular clean out of the ferret enclosure I decided to go ahead and film how I completed the inside portion. You can see how much fun these little guys have playing and jumping around in this spacious enclosure! Be sure to check out our other ferret and raccoon videos! Links will be provided to other videos at the end of the video!

If you like this video be sure to tune in on Sundays for a new animal adventure starring Tito The Raccoon, the ferrets or one of our other furry friends. Be sure to check out Tito’s other social media. We are on Instagram, facebook, twitter, and snapchat! Follow us at @TitoTheRaccoon

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Adventure by ehrling
Champagne Ocean by ehrling


Reverie by Ikson

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