A woman brought a kitten home to foster. Her resident cats took her under their wing.

Haley Waugh

A tabby kitten was brought into Front Street Animals (in Sacramento, California) for a chance at a better life. She had an obvious head tilt, and one of her pupils was smaller than the other.

“I named her Tortellini after the condition torticollis, which causes a tilt,” Haley Waugh, volunteer engagement leader at Front Street Animals shared.

Haley took the kitten home to foster, so she could stay in a kitten-proof environment while they continued to monitor her condition. Despite the tilt, the tabby girl could do most things and tried her hardest to master the art of balancing.

Haley Waugh

The kitten was very underweight at just one pound when she arrived. With a comfortable home and dedicated foster family catering to her every need, she began to thrive and pack on the ounces.

The sweet kitty tilted her head and stared up to her foster mom every time she entered her room. She didn’t have a worry in the world and just wanted a friend to play or snuggle with.

Haley Waugh

With medication and proper care, the tabby recovered from an ear infection. “Treating the infection did not effect her head tilt. The vet thinks she will likely always have it. It doesn’t stop her from being a happy and playful kitten,” Haley added.

In just a few weeks, she really blossomed and started scampering around the room, exploring every nook and cranny. When she was ready to be socialized with other cats, Haley introduced her to the resident feline members, Waylon and Ruben.

Haley Waugh

The tilt-y kitty immediately started working her way into the hearts of the resident cats. She would nuzzle up to them and rub her face against their fur, hoping that they would accept her.

The family cats took her right under their wing and welcomed her into their crew with open paws.

Haley Waugh

Waylon and Ruben would often rotate to keep their little foster sister company, so she would always have a buddy to cuddle with.

Watch the kitten and her journey in this video:

Resident cats take kitten under their wing

“She likely will lean for the rest of her life, but besides falling in circles and sometimes being extra silly, she is basically a normal cat,” Haley shared.

The sweet tabby melts right in their arms when she is cuddled.

Haley Waugh

When it came time for adoption, it became apparent that the resident cats had already made up their mind.

The trio does everything together and has formed an inseparable bond.

Haley Waugh

“I’ve been wanting to adopt Tortellini for quite some time, but needed to give it a shot to find a perfect adopter. When no one inquired about her I figured it was fate, and she was meant to stay where she is,” Haley said.

“My cats love her even more than I do, and I’m so excited to complete my kitty family.”

Haley Waugh

“Tortellini is adjusting pretty well to the adopted life. She’s never far from her siblings,” Haley added.

Haley Waugh

“She has claimed the top spot and won’t let anything stop her from laying there, including her brother that is over twice her size.”

Haley Waugh

Ruben and Waylon adore their little sister who completes their perfect trio.

Haley Waugh

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