Walter Chandoha is the original master of cat photography. Long before cats ruled the internet, he was enchanting the public with flawless pictures of his fierce and fuzzy subjects. As a commercial freelance photographer—a career that spanned from the 1950s onward—Walter took over 90,000 photographs of cats. His photos of felines have appeared on over 300 magazine covers, including the pages of National Geographic and Life magazine, among others, as well as on posters, pet-food packaging, billboards, t-shirts, and more.

Though Walter passed away this January at 98 years of age, his legacy lives on, not only in the style he popularized—colour backdrops and glamour lighting—that is now seen in animal portraits everywhere, but in the body of work that remains as fascinating today as when it was first created. The latest book honouring the photographer’s prolific career is Walter Chandoha Cats, showcasing over seven decades of gorgeous feline portraiture. From early work used for advertisements and pet-food packaging to time-capsule family moments, the images capture genuine feelings with stunning photographic techniques. Part art history, part love letter to its charming subjects, Cats illustrates the evolution of cat culture while celebrating a fascinating man and remarkable photographer.

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