From using it as a cat tree, to snacking on branches, and destroying decorations, cats just love Christmas trees! Check out our cute gallery of cats and Christmas trees to see who will be victorious – cat or tree!

“Did you call me? Or can I get back to destroying your tree?!”

cats and Christmas trees

“This ribbon is okay but next year I’d recommend cat treat garlands. Just saying.”

cats and Christmas trees

When your cat and your Christmas tree become one.

cat under Christmas tree

“Guilty? I don’t look guilty! The tree is just fine – maybe.”

cats and Christmas trees

This little fluff has staked out her space for the entire holiday period – not coming out!

cats and Christmas trees

The majestic and rare Catmas tree!

cats and Christmas trees

“Don’t even think about coming between me and the tree.”

cat eating decoration

“These gifts would be better if they were tuna flavoured.”

cat in Christmas tree

This cute kitten is getting her first Christmas tree experience and is doing it purr-fectly! 

cats with Christmas tree

Plotting their next move against the strange shiny tree 

cat loves Christmas tree

This kitty just loves Christmas time!!

cat in Christmas tree

Christmas kitty stealth level: 87 

cat asleep with Christmas tree

Quick cat nap before getting back to the important job of batting at ornaments!

cat asleep with Christmas tree

“I love you Christmas tree”

cat in Christmas tree

Has anyone seen the cat?!

cats and Christmas trees

“Feed me treats and tell me i’m the prettiest decoration.”

cats and Christmas trees

“What do you mean we only have the tree for a few weeks? Don’t take him away from me!”

cat in box

To sit in a box or in the Christmas Tree – difficult decisions!  

cat in white tree

“Oh, you’re home. The tree and I were just … chilling!”

cats and Christmas trees

These paws are made for batting at ornaments and that’s just what they’ll do! 

cats and Christmas trees

Kitty date in the Christmas tree – too cute

cat in tree

When you’re having an awesome time in the Christmas tree and your human says it’s time for bed 🙁

cat in tree

“But hooman, I don’t want to get out of the tree so you can decorate it”

cat on tree

“Why do you need a star? I’m the star!”

cats and Christmas trees

“I so was not about to jump into your tree!”

cats and Christmas trees

Cats: 1  Christmas tree: 0

black cat in Christmas tree

Who needs decorations when you have a tiny panther for your tree! 

Cat eating tree

Christmas noms! 

Protect your tree! If you’d rather your kitty didn’t get into the tree, get yourself a Christmas Tree Defender. This easy to install barrier will keep your cat from climbing the tree and destroying ornaments.
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