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How could he say no?

A few years back, Christopher Doyle’s daughter was promised a pet hamster. But that was a promise he failed to keep.

To Doyle, it may have become a distant memory, but his daughter didn’t forget.

When it came time to convince Dad to let her adopt a pet — this time a cat — Doyle’s daughter pulled out all the stops.


Doyle recently took to Twitter to share his teenage daughter’s surprisingly well-organized plan to convince him to get her a cat.

She literally put together a pro-cat PowerPoint presentation — a meowerpoint, if you will.


Doyle’s daughter opens with a bullet point list of pluses about owning a cat. Among them, she includes a not-so-veiled threat:

“You wouldn’t have to listen to me ask for a cat again.”

She goes on.


In the slide above, Doyle’s daughter delivers a doozy about his failed promise, as a father, to get her the hamster. (Surely, that must have stung.)

But then she shifts to a more conciliatory tone — suggesting that all can be made right, and that she can totally handle taking care of a cat.


After Doyle’s daughter states that his decision on this matter would either grant, or deny, her what would “literally be the happiest day of [her] life,” she then brings it all home.

The final slide is essentially just a picture of an adorable kitten.


How could Dad say no?

Doyle’s daughter had the upper hand — even more so after his tweet about the PowerPoint presentation went viral, with most taking her side:

And, sure enough, it worked.

When asked if he was persuaded on the cat issue, Doyle told The Dodo, “Yes. We are going to look at a rescue.”

Here’s the paperwork to prove it:

Judging from Doyle’s daughter’s power of persuasion using office presentation software, she’ll have no shortage of successful career paths to choose from.

And it’s nice to know that she’ll now have a furry friend to join her along the way.

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