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That puppy school bus 😍

From shopping for school supplies to picking out that first-day outfit — starting a new school year is always exciting. And it’s even more fun when animals get involved. 

Dogs and cats (and roosters) aren’t always happy when summer ends, because it means less time to hang out with their kid friends. But plenty of animals find a way to be part of the action, whether that means greeting their kids at the bus stop or sneaking to school in a backpack.

To kick off a new school year, check out these adorable moments when pets got a little too excited about school:

Savannah and her pet rooster Frog have a unique routine. Every morning, Frog walks Savannah to her bus stop and waits until she goes to school. As soon as he hears the bus rumbling down the road in the afternoon, he runs out to greet his favorite person. You can read more about Savannah and Frog’s friendship here.

Dogs ride a yellow school bus
Rachel Haggett

One doggy day care in Nova Scotia knows that dogs are basically our kids. So when some of Good Hands Boarding Kennels’ clients couldn’t bring their pups to day care themselves, the kennel bought a little yellow school bus to handle the pick-ups and drop-offs. Read more about this doggy school bus here.

Snake photobombs back to school photo
Facebook/Kage Fit

The start of a new school year can make a great photo op. But for one seventh grader, an unexpected photobomb by a friendly snake made it even more memorable. You can learn more about the picture-perfect moment here.

Cat wanders into third-grade class
Özlem Pınar Ivaşcu

When a stray cat named Tombi snuck into a third-grade classroom, he realized he had found the perfect home. The tabby brings so much joy to his fellow students that the teacher had no choice but to make him part of the class. To find out more about Tombi and his school, you can read more here.

Dog volunteers at library
John Muellner

Sting the greyhound loves to volunteer at a library where he helps young kids feel more confident about reading. But one day the unthinkable happened: Nobody showed up to read to him. Photos of the heartbroken dog went viral on social media — and the pup hasn’t been lonely since! You can learn more about Sting’s sweet story here.

Stray dog waits outside school to be rescued
Caleb Schaffer

When a stray dog named Clive needed rescuing, he went to the one place where he knew people would be kind to him: An elementary school. Clive waited outside the school every day, wagging his tail and waiting for someone to notice him. And sure enough, one special teacher helped Clive find his forever home. You can read more about Clive’s rescue story here.

Dog sneaks into school for pets

Not all dogs are happy to stay at home while their owners have fun at school. And one pup named Skippy decided to do something about it. Skippy followed his human all the way to her high school, where he snuck in and demanded belly rubs. Check out Skippy’s adventure here.

Boy reunites with lost dog after school
April Licata

After a long day in the classroom, there’s nothing better than being greeted by your dog. For one kid, that moment was made even more special when he was surprised with his lost dog during pick up. Check out their heartwarming reunion here.

Kid graduates with service dog

Sinatra the service dog plays a crucial role in making sure his owner Tyler stays healthy — and the two of them are inseparable. So when Tyler graduated high school, it only seemed natural that his best friend would be right by his side in a matching cap and gown. You can learn more about Tyler and Sinatra’s graduation ceremony here.

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