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Fleas are a nuisance to both humans and animals. While there are many great products available to manage fleas on your pet, killing and preventing them in your home, carpet, and furnishings can be more difficult. Chemical solutions are not only toxic to fleas, but inconvenient to use and potentially dangerous for people and pets. Try these flea treatments to keep your home flea-free without using harsh chemicals or emptying your wallet.

Outdoor Flea Treatments

Flea prevention in the home begins with flea prevention in the yard. Regular yard maintenance, including mowing and watering will help to prevent the likelihood of fleas. Agricultural lime can be used on moist and grassy areas as a flea preventative. Use heat to deter fleas on dry, sandy or barren areas, by placing down black plastic. Apply diatomaceous earth to the yard to eliminate fleas if you are already struggling with fleas in your home.

Flea Traps

Place a small amount of water into a shallow dish. Add a bit of dish soap to this mixture, along with a heat or light source. A candle may be used, but poses a fire hazard, so consider suspending a light over the dish. Leave these in infested areas overnight and remove in the morning. The fleas will be drawn to the warmth and light, then drown in the soapy water.

Homemade Flea Powder

The easiest homemade flea powders begin with salt or borax. Borax is relatively safe; however, it can cause health problems for small animals if inhaled, so use with some amount of care. Salt can be ground to a finer powder in a blender. In either case, sprinkle liberally onto the carpet. Vacuum up over the next several days, carefully disposing of the vacuum bag or empty the canister. Diatomaceous earth may also be used in inaccessible areas and vacuumed up later.

Flea Spray

Make a pleasant smelling and effective flea repellent spray for by steeping thinly sliced lemons and sprigs of rosemary overnight in near boiling water. Add a few drops of geranium essential oil. Spritz on soft furniture, bedding and even the dog to repel fleas. Treat the dog’s bed as well.

Essential Oils

Use essential oils for cleaning and fragrancing your home to help repel fleas. Citronella, cedar, rosemary, peppermint, lemongrass and lavender can all help to prevent a flea infestation in the house. Consider adding these oils to laundry treatments, home fragrance spray or vacuum cleaner bag.

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