Three cats befriended a kitten who was found on a busy road. They took her under their wing.


A Good Samaritan from Florida spotted a kitten trying to cross a busy street. She immediately pulled over and tried to get the little one out of harm’s way.

The tabby was almost hit by a vehicle when the kind person scooped her up from the pavement and brought her to safety. Once they were in the car, away from the busy traffic, the kitten began to calm down.

The rescuer took the little feline home and reached out to social media for help. Nadija, a foster volunteer of AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, saw her plea and immediately offered to take her.


“Our first night was a rough one as she kept crying and looking around for her mom and siblings. Every time, I tried to pet her or pick her up, she would give me a tiny hiss,” Nadija told Love Meow.

The kitten named Darby was dirty, covered in fleas and shaken after the ordeal. Slowly but surely, she began to warm up to her foster mom. Her hisses diminished as she discovered the comfort of being petted and cuddled.


Darby was estimated to be 5-6 weeks old. In just a few days, she was nursed back to health and her personality started to shine.

“She is tiny, just over a pound, very vocal and has an amazing set of pipes,” Nadija shared with Love Meow. “She is happy, playful, sassy and very demanding. She’s got a personality that is too big for her tiny body.”


Whenever Nadija tried to leave the room for the first few days, Darby would cry at the top of her lungs until her need for attention was met. She didn’t want to be alone again and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Knowing having a friend would benefit a little singleton like her, Nadija knew just the perfect trio to introduce her to.

Mango, Coconut and Lemon, three cat siblings, were rescued through a TNR (trap-neuter-return) project a few weeks prior.


Lemon, the feisty kitty, is still unsure about people but adores other cats. Ever since she began foster care, she’s been cuddling with other kittens and learning to trust through them.

Her brothers came to her foster home a little while later. Soon after they were reunited, Lemon cuddled up to them for some much-needed TLC.


When the trio met Darby, it was love at first sight. They took her under their wing and wrapped their arms around her. The kitten instantly became family to this adorable clowder.

“They absolutely love Darby and are constantly snuggling and grooming her. It’s very sweet,” Nadija told Love Meow.


Lemon is getting more comfortable around people by seeing how much Darby loves her foster mom and how they interact with each other. The little kitten reassures her that humans aren’t so bad.

“I’m hoping she continues to gain confidence having all these social kittens around.”


Mango and Coconut, a bonded pair, shower their little foster sister with cuddles and licks. They show her the ropes and make sure she is never alone when she naps.

The two brothers take turns to spend time with their little friend.


“Darby is grateful for her big foster brothers and their snuggles! It’s so heartwarming to see them together, grooming and playing with her so gently.”


Darby is enjoying her life as an indoor cat with foster friends around to keep her company and a forever home in the near future, awaiting her.


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