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Pam Johnson-Bennett is one of the best known cat behaviorists in the world. She began making house calls to work with clients on cat behavior problems in 1982 and had her first book published in 1990. Since then, she has led the way as an inspiration and mentor to many in the cat behavior profession and her books have been used as texts for professional behavior courses.

Cat vs. Cat: Keeping the Peace When You Have More Than One Cat was first published in 2004. It is still the definitive guide to managing a multi-cat household, and it was just reissued in a new and updated edition.

Pam helps readers understand that adding another cat to your household doesn’t have to start conflict and offers guidance and tips & tricks on how to properly introduce a new cat, diffuse tension, and prevent problems in the first place.

Topics covered include:

• How to plan, set up, and maintain a successful multi-cat environment.
• What is the best way to introduce two cats?
• How to interpret cat behaviors.
• How to recognize the communication cats use to establish relationships and hierarchies.
• What is the importance of territory?

Like all of Pam’s books, this book goes much deeper than other books by helping readers understand not only what to do, but, more importantly, why cats do what they do in the first place.

I’m delighted that Penguin reissued this book and hope that it will reach a new generation of cat lovers. This book belongs on every cat parent’s bookshelf.

Cat vs. Cat is available from Amazon.


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