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Sun conure Image by jggrz from Pixabay

Dogs get their day, cats do too. Now it’s our feathered companions turn—September 17 is National Pet Bird Day! Let’s celebrate everything that our pets do for us. If you share your home with a feathered pet, companionship can be filled with vocal duets, conversations that loop back over and over (e.g., you find yourself answering, “How are you?” over and over), and adventures in buying the right toy or creating the perfect item for your bird to destroy. Your bird might be your shower buddy, fellow foodie, dance partner or cuddle bug, or leave you in awe by their cleverness. Take time today to do something extra special for your bird.

parakeet, budgie
Image by Mullerelles from Pixabay

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Buy or build your bird a new toy. This can be as complex as a challenging puzzle toy or as simple as some fun-to-destroy wood, cardboard or paper. Let your bird make a mess!
  • Take some silly pictures of your pet (or with your pet) and share with friends and family, or update your phone or computer screen. Don’t let dogs and cats steal the spotlight—share photos of your bird on social media with the hashtag #NationalPetBirdDay
  • Make it a play date! Spread out a sheet to mark your birdie playground, and add fun food and bird-safe toys/items for your bird to explore while you sit with them. Don’t be a passive observer. Pick up the items and talk about them (“I love the color blue, don’t you?!”) or pretend like you’re keeping the Nutri-Berrie for yourself—some birds find extra satisfaction from stealing what they think is yours!
  • Join a bird club or Facebook group dedicated to pet birds. Bird people can learn from one another and share in the joy of life with feathered companion when we flock together.
  • Help someone in need buy pet food or other essentials for their pet bird(s).

How do celebrate your feathered friend? Do share in our comment section.

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