Leopard Geckos are the most popular pet gecko in the world today and have been bred in captivity for over 30 years! In this video we take a look at why these geckos are so popular and we discuss how to care for them and how to set their enclosure up correctly. We also take a look at some of the beautiful morphs we have bred. We hope you enjoy!

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Leopard Geckos: Their Care and Breeding in Captivity. By Rolf Dennison

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My name is Rolf Dennison owner of Ultimate Exotics reptile breeding facility which is a state of the art reptile breeding facility based in South Africa. My team and I are passionate about our reptiles and their care, well-being and hygiene is very important to us and is the back bone of our success. Through over 20 years of captive breeding reptiles we have established a collection of high quality reptiles that we are proud of and through this channel we hope to share with you our experience and the awesome reptiles we work with!

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