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“It was very heartwarming!”

It pays to have a best friend — someone who truly gets you.

Just ask Remy and Clark.

Jessica Grider

Remy and Clark are both rescue dogs who live with their owner, Jessica Grider. The two pups have been inseparable friends for years, despite having different personalities.

While Clark is quite outgoing, Remy is the opposite.

“He is just anxious and timid in most situations,” Grider told The Dodo. “He wears a thunder jacket a good amount of the time to help him calm down.”

Jessica Grider

Recently, Grider and her dogs moved into a new house — one that inadvertently came with a peculiar new trigger to Remy’s anxiety.

When it came time to cross a doorway in the home, from one room into another, Remy seemed afraid.

“The floors look the same, but one is actually slicker than the other,” Grider said. “The transition between the two made him nervous.”

Grider tried her best to coax Remy across the doorway, so that he would feel at home in their new place. But what Remy needed most was reassurance from Clark — and Clark seemed to know it.

Here’s video of Clark helping Remy overcome his unusual phobia:

Grider has seen Clark help Remy overcome his anxieties before, but this time she caught him doing it on video. And, with that, this new trigger hasn’t been a problem since.

“It was very heartwarming!” Grider said. “Remy has now conquered his fear of the doorway, thanks to Clark’s help.”

Having each other’s back, that’s what friends are for.

Jessica Grider

This wasn’t the first time Remy needed reassurance, and it likely won’t be his last. But as long as Clark’s around, he won’t have to face those new challenges alone.

“I think Remy appreciates having a friend around to help him out,” Grider said. “I love that having Clark around helps to ease Remy’s anxiety.”

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