The Akita Inu, sometimes known as the Japanese Akita or simply Akita, is one of the most popular dogs. This is not only in their native Japan, but worldwide. Akita Inu have a very special character and their history is one which is full of intrigue. The development of the breed has taken it from being used as a fighting dog, to now being one of the most faithful and potentially loving dogs. This history of the Akita Inu has lead some to believe they are a dangerous dog, but is this the truth? AnimalWised answers this question by looking at the characteristics, behavior and care of the Akita Inu. In doing so, you might see if the Akita Inu is a suitable dog for your or your family if you are considering adoption. You can also take a look at this article for more background information on the Akita Inu:

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