There is a bit of a void in the PetTube industry when it comes to iguanas, and by request, I am here to try and help fill that void! Here is the basic run down of proper green iguana husbandry.

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*I Use the 100w Mega Ray for my enclosure*
Mega Ray Bulb 70w –
Mega Ray Bulb 100w –
Mega Ray Bulb 160w –
Mega Ray Bulb 275w –

ZooMed Power Sun Mercury Vapor Bulb 100w –
Power Sun 160w –

Affordable 250w Ceramic Heat Emitter –

ZooMed Calcium Powder Without D3 –
RepCal Calcium Powder Without D3 –

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Editing: Adobe Premiere and Windows Movie Maker
Filming: Nikon Coolpix p600

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