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The Earth needs more souls to protect her and one cat is proving you don’t have to be human to do your part in saving our home!

Living in Berlin, Germany, Louis Wildlife calls a cabin on a river home, and there, he helps his family thrive in a sustainable way. He may be a cat, but this Maine Coon environmental activist does much to spread awareness about sustainability. And on top of his willingness to put his paws in the dirt and work, he’s a “Purrlosopher”.

On a quiet paddle down the river to look at the leaves, Louis mused on autumn’s beauty, calling up George Eliot’s thoughts, “Is not this a true autumn day? Just the still melancholy that I love—that makes life and nature harmonize.”

Louis Wildlife’s soul runs deep and it can be seen in his beautifully wild eyes…


Living the Natural Life

When not dreaming of deep thoughts, Louis is busy helping his humans live an eco-friendly life where preserving and honoring nature are key elements.


Louis advocates animal rights for all creatures, but he still hopes these ladies can’t swim because they’re a bit large for a cat to hang out with!


He’s also makes friends with animals of all kind, including the foxy wildlife that lives in the forest near his cabin. Its not unusual to catch a visit from raccoons or water fowl either. Sometimes, a feral cat comes around too. Louis gives her distance, but likes to be sure she gets plenty to eat. He’s a kind-hearted kitty!


Louis also likes to help keep the land clean. He and his family make sure to keep the litter picked from the river and encourage others to keep our home tidy too.

Louis Wildlife Helps with the Garden Too

And as a fine cat lad of sustainability, Louis Wildlife has a skilled paw when it comes to gardening. He helps grow the family’s food, but he warns. “DON‘T ASK HOW!” Let’s just say, he helps the veggies get the fertilizer they need and it seems to be the best stuff around. Just look at that harvest!


As a Maine Coon cat, Louis is fine-suited for a life of outdoor adventure thanks to his big, fluffy coat. Doesn’t hurt that he looks pretty swell in caps and scarves too!


According to Louis, it’s the simple things that bring the biggest joys. “Eating grass, smelling, watching, listening to the numerous sounds of nature and following a friend. That’s all to be happy.”

Louis Wildlife’s love of nature and his care for the Earth make us want to get back to our natural roots and sink our paws in the dirt too!

Sunday walk with Louis

Eating Catnip in neighbors garden ? Happy Sunday everypawday! ? ?

Gepostet von Louiswildlife am Sonntag, 27. September 2020

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Feature Image: @louiswildlife/Instagram

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