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Now you have Halloween plans 👻🐶🐱🧡

Matching Dog Halloween Costumes


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The right Halloween costume has to be picture-worthy — but the right *matching* Halloween costumes for you and your pet? That has to be some of the most Instagrammable content you could find.

This over-the-top list was made for both of you — because after a year like 2020 you both deserve some applause while you parade around your (socially distanced) neighborhood. 

A coffee and donut

A coffee and donut matching owner and pet costume
Amazon / Petsmart

If you love starting your day off right with your coffee and a donut, this look is for you.

Buy the venti coffee from Amazon for $24.99
Buy the donut from PetSmart for $19.99

A couple of prisoners

dog and cat prisoners costumes
Amazon / Chewy
flower and bee costume for adult and dog

While usually pets in costumes steal the show, this is one costume set where the human will probably be taking the spotlight. And we don’t hate it.

Buy the sunflower from Amazon for $25.86
Buy the bee from Amazon for $14+

The silliest Ghostbusters

ghostbusters dog and adult matching costumes

Who you gonna call? Obviously all your friends so they can take amazing “candid” pics of you and your BFF fighting ghosts and stuff. And if you have two pets, you can keep this adorable theme going by dressing one up as the Marshmallow Man!

Buy the human Ghostbusters uniform from Amazon for $27.99+
Buy the pet version from Amazon for $14.99+

Sophisticated Parisians

Sophisticated Parisians costumes
Amazon / Etsy

If you’d rather eat croissants than Halloween candy, these costumes are for you. Also great if you kind of want to dress up — but not really. 

Buy the human set from Amazon for $15.99
Buy the pet version from Etsy for $30+

The cutest witches

Cute witch costumes for dog and owner
Amazon / Halloweencostumes.com

You and your BFF will be casting spells on everyone while floating around town in these amazing costumes. Looking for a wizard instead? Look no further. 

Buy the human witch from Amazon for $49.95+
Buy the pet version from HalloweenCostumes.com for $24.99

Little Red Riding Hood & The Wolf

Little red riding hood and wolf dog and owner costumes
Amazon / Chewy

Your favorite storybook tale comes to life — and the result is going to be EPIC.

Buy Little Red Riding Hood from Amazon for $49.99+
Buy the Wolf from Chewy for $14.99+

Where’s Waldo?

Where’s Waldo? dog and adult costume
Amazon / Chewy

Go full-on incognito with these classic “Where’s Waldo?” getups, and nobody will even notice you taking an extra treat (or two).

Buy the human version from Amazon for $26.99
Buy the pet version from Chewy for $18.59+

Prehistoric cuties

Dinosaur human and dog costumes
Amazon / Chewy

You’ll definitely turn some heads — and get a lot of laughs — with these.

Buy the human version from Amazon for $49.99+
Buy the pet version from Chewy for $22.99+

Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin dog and owner costume
Amazon / Chewy

What’s Batman without Robin? Probably the same as you without your trusty best friend — not nearly as badass. 

Buy Batman from Amazon for $29.05+
Buy Robin from Chewy for $16+

Winnie the Pooh & Piglet

Pooh and Piglet dog and owner costume
Chewy / Halloweencostumes.com

Nothing is sweeter than two best friends just enjoying their time together — and eating all the honey they can handle.

Buy Pooh from HalloweenCostumes.com for $49.99
Buy Piglet from Chewy for $21.99

A Vampire and his bat

vampire and bat cat and owner costume
Etsy / Halloweencostumes.com

If you’re looking for a more classic Halloween, you can’t get any more Halloween than a vampire and bat.

Buy the vampire from HalloweenCostumes.com for $39.99
Buy the bat from Etsy for $19.99

Whimsical Unicorns

Unicorn costumes for owner and dog
Amazon / Muttropolis

Not only will the two of you bring all that sparkly magic to the costume party, but your version is basically a onesie — and everybody knows how comfy a onesie is.

Buy the human version from Amazon for $59.95
Buy the pet version from Muttropolis for $39

Bo Peep and her sheep

Bo peep and sheep dog and owner costumes

That sheep costume should be enough to know this is a winner.

Buy Bo Peep from Amazon for $49.95+
Buy the sheep from Amazon for $14.89+

Harry Potter and Hermione (or Ron)

Harry Potter costumes for dogs and owners
Etsy / Halloweencostumes.com

This Harry Potter is so cute that you’ll have to know you’re 100 percent out of the spotlight here. If you want to be even more subdued, but still match, you can just get a wand and glasses.

Buy Hermione from HalloweenCostumes.com for $99.99 (or go as Ron for $39.99+)
Buy Harry Potter from Etsy for $79

Jasmine (or Aladdin) and Abu

Matching owner and pet Aladdin costumes
Amazon / Chewy

You won’t even need to make wishes with costumes like these — you’ve already won at life. Looking to be Aladdin instead? — this one’s for you.

Buy Jasmine from Amazon for $33.74+
Buy Abu from Chewy for $21.99+

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