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“I panned over to find her and that’s when I saw that face” 😂

Nobody likes getting caught doing something naughty — and Graycie is no exception. 

The kitten is usually well-behaved and loving, except when it comes to food: “Graycie is very outgoing, loving, affectionate and food-driven,” Allison, Graycie’s mom who asked that her last name not be used, told The Dodo. “We have to keep an eye out for her or she’ll jump up onto the dining table and partake in her own feast.”

Graycie the cat steals food

Allison and her family adopted Graycie and her sister Maggie after their two elderly cats passed away. The young kittens have brought joy back to their lives with mischievous pranks, making things a whole lot more entertaining. 

Graycie and her sister Maggie snuggle

While Graycie is obsessed with food, Maggie is in love with her dad’s colored pencils.

“We joke that she’s Maggie the Magpie because she loves stealing pencils and other little bits and pieces from my husband’s desk and dragging them through the house,” Allison said. “She’s practically stolen his entire Prismacolor pencil collection at this point.”   

At night, the kittens like to sleep in the basement, so their watchful parents set up an old baby monitor to make sure they weren’t getting into trouble. And it’s never long before they catch one of the kittens misbehaving.

Cat caught being naughty on baby monitor

“We used that monitor originally for our toddler,” Allison said. “We like to turn it on occasionally to check on them and see how they’re doing after they go to bed.”

One night, Allison caught Graycie stealing her sister’s food — and scolded her through the baby monitor’s microphone. Graycie is never happy being caught in the act, and she made her feelings clear over video.

Cat on baby monitor

“I turned the monitor on and saw she was eating out of her sister’s food bowl so I said, ‘Graycie!’ and she turned around and ran off,” Allison said. “I thought she went to the litter so I panned over to find her and that’s when I saw that face.”

“She continued to swat at the camera a few times and then just sat and stared at it puzzled,” she added.

Cats troll mom through baby monitor

The kittens have learned to live with the baby monitor, as long as it stays quiet. “They don’t appear to even think about it unless we turn it on and talk to them through the speaker,” Allison said. “As long as nobody is talking to them they don’t bother it.”

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