This is a challenging one as there are likely many different health issues contributing to the overall health picture we’ve got in this geriatric dog

Antibiotics do have potential side effects
– intestinal upset most common after tablets, not injections
– Allergic reactions are very rare, happen minutes to hours after administered
– Signs most likely a reflection of the underlying disease

If pet not responding to treatment as expected, always reach out to your vet, even if it is only a matter of hours if they are getting significantly worse
– We seldom deal with absolute certainty + not all patients respond as expected
– Biological, not mechanical beings so outcome can’t be predicted with 100% accuracy

As far as general advice in a senior dog who is slowly deteriorating, quality of life is key
1 – Comfort – pain management
2 – Appetite and thirst – keep them eating + hydrated
3 – Try and stay on top of known medical issues
4 – Keep in close contact with your vet, esp if things change
5 – Manage their environment to make life easier
6 – Monitor and be ready to step in if suffering/no QoL despite doing everything possible
– Making euthanasia decision is very hard but delaying it and leaving a pet suffering for too long is one of the biggest regrets I hear from pet owners
I have several videos discussing senior dog care, palliative care and when the right time for euthanasia

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