Ever since I welcomed my lil sassy panther chameleon Carl into my life, I’ve been getting a TON of dm’s asking me how to take care of him and asking if it’s really as hard as most people say.. So today I’m going to be talking about EVERYTHING from cool facts about them, different chameleon species that are popular in the pet trade (veiled/yemen, jackson’s and panthers), housing setup, lighting, humidity, food, common health issues & hopefully that will either deter or motivate you in your decision to get a chameleon! This is a video I’ve wanted to make for a long time, so I really hope that you guys find this useful!

General facts – 2:15
Which species is right for you? – 6:28
Females vs Males – 9:20
Housing – 10:19
Lighting – 14:38
Food – 17:13
Humidity – 19:33
Health Issues – 20:55
Enrichment – 25:20

VEGGIES/FRUITS TO GIVE YOUR BUGS (this website is amazing btw!!):

*DISCLAIMER* Even though I’ve made this video as a guide, still continue to do your research!! I’m not claiming to know everything about chameleons and there is a lot of different advice on the internet!

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