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Stuff they’ll *actually* like 🎁

best cat stocking stuffers

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One of the highlights of the holidays is seeing a bunch of cute little stockings strung up on the mantel, packed with tiny goodies.

So why not make your cat’s holiday a bit more merry and bright with a stocking of her own to enjoy — or at least passive aggressively knock to the ground?

It might seem daunting to find the perfect presents for your cat with so many options out there. But if you’re stumped on stocking stuffers, The Dodo’s got you covered.

An actual stocking complete with tiny toys

stocking filled with cat toys

This see-through stocking comes with some tried-and-true toys. There’s nothing like a stocking that stuffs itself.

An interactive laser toy that does the work for you

interactive laser cat toy

This interactive toy is perfect for those days when you’re going to be out of the house, but don’t want your cat to get bored. It beams out laser patterns for your cat to chase entirely on his own, but also has a manual mode in case you want to join in on the fun.

Wine and cheese toys that are perfect for a cultured cat

wine and cheese dog toy

Wine and dine your BFF with these catnip-infused toys. And while you’re at it, go ahead and pour yourself a glass of the real stuff. It is the holidays, after all.

A pair of bow tie collars for some festive flair

festive cat bow ties

Let your cat celebrate in style with these holiday-themed bow tie collars. There are even eight other colors to choose from, if plaid and snowflakes aren’t your thing.

A handmade dreidel toy for plenty of playing

handmade dreidel cat toy

This beautiful dreidel is stuffed with catnip to keep your cat spinning all day long. It’s available with four different Hebrew letters, so you can pick your favorite or collect the whole set.

A mouthwatering blueberry pancake toy

blueberry pancake cat toy

A pretty pink ball that rolls all on its own

pink rolling cat toy

Too busy to bat a ball back and forth with your cat? This interactive toy will do the work for you. Complete with flashing lights and built-in catnip, it’s sure to keep your cat engaged, even if you’re stuck on a Zoom call.

A personalized bow tie collar for a cat who loves looking good

personalized bow tie collar for cats

Your cat will be the most dapper guest at the socially-distanced holiday party in this red bow tie collar — and the customized nameplate means it’s as unique as he is.

A robotic mouse that moves just like the real thing

robotic mouse toy for cats

This toy’s ears and movements are so lifelike, it’s easy to forget it’s not an actual mouse! The realistic robot can also flip itself over if it winds up on its back.

A tail teaser to get some good jumps in

tail teaser for cats

With just a flick of your wrist, your cat will be airborne trying to hunt this squeaky tail. It also comes with an extra tail you can switch out for long-lasting fun.

A cheery Christmas lights string toy

christmas lights string cat toy

You’re sure to brighten your cat’s day with a string of lights she can actually chew on. The colorful lights are filled with catnip, and the long wire is perfect for bunny kicking.

A set of fun feather toys

fun feather toys for cats

If you’re looking to entertain your cat with some feathery fun, this is the way to go. And since this set comes in nice muted colors, you don’t have to worry about his new toys clashing with your decor.

A catnip candy cane toy that looks picture-perfect

catnip candy cane toy

While you enjoy a candy cane on your couch, your cat can enjoy playing around with a matching toy on the floor. Plus it’s filled with catnip for extra fun.

A donut toy decorated with snowflake sprinkles

donut cat toy with snowflake sprinkles

This handmade toy looks so good, you could just eat it up!

Treats that are good for your cat’s teeth

tuna flavor cat treats

These tasty treats aren’t just packed with flavor. Their crunchy texture is designed to remove plaque and tartar from your cat’s teeth. Way easier than trying to wrestle a toothbrush into his mouth, right?

A sparkly, hand-pressed snowflake tag for a cat who loves the winter weather

snowflake cat tag

While the cold might not be a cat’s favorite thing, this beautiful snowflake charm definitely will be. And it’s a great festive accessory for cats who don’t like to dress up.

A lifelike cardinal toy to bring the great outdoors indoors

 cardinal toy for cats

Your cat is sure to be batting at this bird all day. From the feathers to the design, it looks so real, doesn’t it?

A bunch of catnip alternative chewing sticks

catnip alternative chewing sticks

If your cat’s a bit bored of catnip, you could always give these sticks a try. They’re made of silver vine — aka matabi — which is known for helping cats with stress and anxiety.

A personalized ID tag with the most delightful designs

personalized cat ID tag

Your cat’s collar can be just as unique as she is, thanks to this customizable tag. You can choose from several colors and cute minimalist designs.

A cute and colorful toy mouse

cute and colorful toy mouse

A bright blue mouse stuffed with catnip is bound to drive your cat wild. Plus, with its crinkly ears and removable bell, your cat’s sure to get the most out of playtime.

Some handmade scatterball toys

handmade scatterball cat toys

These balls are so beautifully embroidered that you won’t care at all when they’re scattered across your living room floor. You might even want some for yourself! You can choose between round or star patterns.

A holiday present toy designed for cats who prefer all things organic

organic present toy for cats

Giving a gift as a gift? How meta, in the cutest way. These festive toys are filled only with organic catnip, because your kitty deserves nothing but the best.

A set of hand-felted wool balls in a ton of bright colors

set of hand-felted wool balls for cats

Such a colorful collection of balls is bound to capture your cat’s eye, and her heart. Plus, you can choose to add catnip oil — for free, BTW — for some extra fun.

A plush squirrel stuffed with catnip

plush squirrel stuffed with catnip

If your cat is tired of the typical mouse toy, shake things up at playtime with this cute woodland friend. It’s even got some catnip squirreled away to keep your cat super interested.

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