This video is about Basic Hermit Crab Care! It goes through ten easy things you need to know when learning to care for hermit crabs. However, these are only basic steps, and there is more detailed information to come! Please subscribe to know when these more in depth videos come out. 🙂

In this video we say that all things that say hermit crab on it are bad. While in general this is true, there may be some items that are safe that say hermit crab. What we are talking about is items that have lots of preservatives and unsafe ingredients that aren’t pure. So, things like pellet food, painted shells, glow shells, calcium sand, hermit crab specific tanks that are tiny, things like that. When you see something that has Hermit Crab on it, check the ingredients and if you aren’t sure if it is safe then don’t use it. We should have clarified in the video, but we all make mistakes! You can also ask us if you have questions about a hermit crab specific item.

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Our Top Tank Necessities:
-Cork Rounds:
-Cholla Wood:
-Large Pool filter:
-Medium Flying Saucer:
-Exo Terra Madarin Plastic Plant:
-Coconut Hut:
-Eco earth brick:
-Dried Shrimp:
-Fruit Mix:
-Vegetable Mix:
-Instant Ocean:
-Acurite thermometer and hygrometer:
-BN-LINK digital heat mat thermostat:
-Seachem Prime:
-Play Sand:
-Aquarium Light:
-Green Sand:

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