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How do you define ‘adorable’?

If you’re a cat lover, you don’t need a dictionary to tell you what cute means. You already know kittens capture the essence of adorable with utter purrfection.

But what is it about kittens that makes them so irresistibly cute? Could it be the tiny toe beans or the itty-bitty noses that need booping? Maybe it’s the big purrs that come from those little bodies or those wispy whiskers? Oh, so many choices of cuteness, there’s no way to decide what the cutest thing about kittens might be.

But, we can all agree that kitten tummies have the power to melt the even the toughest of humans!

So, let’s get silly and look at a whole bunch of kitten belly pictures!

Kitten Bellies!

All the kittens you’ll see here are part of loving foster homes. Check out their pages for adoption info or to find out how to get involved. If you’re not available for fostering cats, volunteers are always needed at animals rescue shelters. And, you can shop to help fund food, toys, and blankets for cats in need.

Its a tiny tabby tiger kitten belly with freckles! Oh my…


“Sherry has been perfecting the Shere Bear Stare! Its powers include radiating cuteness and tempting you to pet it”…so tempted, so much cuteness! 


“What could be more kissable than Tay-Tay’s belly!” Absolutely nothing…


“Big Louie with the big belly” is a big cutie! 


Emily at Fog City Fosters says, “I just told Alma that tomorrow is spay day. I think she’s excited, no babies for her”…yay for spay!! 


“How many belly spots do you have??”


Bruce and Fox Fosters is “kind of obsessed with this ginger chonk”…same here! That fuzzy tummy is too cute…


“Rub my tummy, Foster mommy?”…Oh yes, Jem can have all the “soft tickles” he wants!


Here’s “some kissable kitten belly love” from Raza!


Here’s a great suggestion from @ittybittyrescue kitties, “Look at that belly. Adopt her quick while she’ll still let you kiss it”…


Look at that tuft of tummy hair on the cutest little foster kitten!


This ginger kitten can’t help smiling because he knows his belly is just purrfect!


Bannock and Poutine and their tuxedo tummies are finely dressed and ready for their forever home


Mo is a silly boy with a belly that needs tickling! Kelly Foster Kittens is “crushing on this silly boy & you should be to!”


Meet Thunder, the king of the fluffy kitten bellies!


Two of the best things about fostering kittens? Tummies and “toe beanz”…


All the coolest foster kittens all sleep tummy up!

kitten tummy


Though he had a scare, Hercules is now strong and happy. His foster mom, the Smitten Kitten Lady, reports, “This is the belly of a healthy, baby boy”…

kitten belly


Have you melted into a puddle over all this cuteness yet? We sure have!

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Feature Image: @sofl_fosteringfam/Instagram & @bruceandfoxfosters/Instagram

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