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Kittens love to make trouble. It’s kind of their thing. Well, that and being adorable!

But, seriously, kittens know how to find mischief and one ginger kitten in Australia found trouble so deep the fire department had to get involved!

At a Bankstown home in Sydney, Australia, a normal day to turned into a bit of a catastrophe when the homeowners heard the high-pitched meows of a kitten inside the house.

But the family didn’t have a kitten, so the sudden appearance of the voice was certainly a surprise. After a search of the home, they realized the kitten was stuck behind a wall, crying to get free.

Desperate to help the tabby baby, the homeowners called Fire and Rescue NSW for what firefighters described as “an un-fur-gettable rescue”.

Fire and Rescue NSW/Facebook

Behind Door Number One…A Kitten!

When firefighters arrived at the home, they used thermal imaging technology to locate the kitten’s whereabouts behind the wall. Once they found the kitten, “firefighters devised a purr-fect plan to rescue the trapped kitten by cutting through the gyprock to make a small hole.”

With the kitten right on the other side of the wall, the fireman worked very carefully to cut a small rectangle into the drywall. As he pulled the cut section free, the fireman joked, “What’s behind door number one?”

Fire and Rescue NSW/Facebook

The cutest little tabby kitten face, drywall dusting his tiny nose, popped from the opening. The fireman greeted him with a friendly hello and the rest of the room melted into a chorus of “aww” as they caught their first glimpse of the baby.

But kittens can be easily frightened and as big hands reached for him, the shy boy ducked back into the wall. “The crews weren’t kitten around and with a little coaxing, the rest is hiss-tory.”

They soon had the cute kitten out of the wall and safe in their arms. As he was plucked from the wall, the tiny orange kitty meowed his thanks. The rescue took only twenty minutes and the kitten came through his ordeal unharmed.

Fire and Rescue NSW/Facebook

In Love with Their Little Intruder

Little did the kitten know when he somehow wandered into the wall, he was squirming into his forever home. In a moment of love at first sight, the homeowners were smitten with the kitten and decided to adopt him.

Fire and Rescue NSW Bankstown shared, “Everyone is now the best of fur-ends with the happy ending to this tail.”

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Feature Image: Fire and Rescue NSW/Facebook

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