In this video I share how to care for a blind dog and how I help my dog live life to the fullest even though she lost her eyesight. My dog is an imperial shih tzu named Reese, and she recently turned 10 years old. She lost her eyesight about 2.5 years ago during an illness where she was diagnosed with autoimmune meningitis encephalitis. She was treated with a steroid (prednisone) and chemotherapy (cytosar) for many weeks. Thankfully was able to recover, but she did permanently lose her eyesight from this disease. Now Reese lives a fairly normal life without her eyesight. We have had to make some changes in order to keep her safe as a blind dog as well as to increase and maintain her quality of life. In this video I talk about everything I have done to support Reese in living life to the fullest as a blind dog, including how to walk a blind dog, how to play fetch with a blind dog, how to keep a blind dog safe and other tips for caring for a blind dog. If you have a newly blind dog, are adopting a blind dog, or fostering a blind dog, I hope this video helps both you and your dog adjust and ease any blind dog anxiety.

The story of how my dog went blind

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