Here are some of the best pets of the week! We have puppies, cats, cows and more this week so get ready for some cuteness overload!

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Praying Mantises Dance Together:
Dog Accidentally Pushes Owner off Boat: Submission
Poodle Wearing Flannel and Beanie:
Dogs Can’t Fetch Ball:
Golden Retriever Plays with Favorite Stuffed Animal:
Raccoon Tries to Play with Black Cat:
Beagle Gets Excited to See Owner:
Dog Refuses to Leave Park:
Cat Fist Bumps Guy: Submission
Golden Retriever Licks Glass Window:
Dog Chases Stuffed Animal:
Breakfast with Giraffes:
Cow Nibbles on Dog’s Ear:
Dog and Cow Are the Same Size:
Dog Helps Owner Shovel Snow:
Cat Checks Out Camera During Woman’s Headstand: Submission
Fluffy Corgi Plays Soccer:
Dog Gets Dirty Digging in Mud: Submission
German Shepherd Lets Owner Brush his Teeth:
Dog Tries to Dig in Pool: Submission
Dog Excited with Machine That Launches Tennis Balls:
Cat Prevents Owner from Drawing Him:
Cat Bumps Head on Cardboard Box:
Dog Fetches Hockey Pucks:

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