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Please Like and Share. Sincerely, I cannot express how important it is for dogs to know fetch if they have a lot of energy. If you are struggling with fetch or don’t know where to get started or just want a refresher, watch this episode.

I’ll cover the most common problems I hear about with teaching fetch including what to do if your dog chases it but won’t bring it back, won’t let go, gets bored quickly, or plays inside, but not outside and more!

Lafitte has been doing some property damage to the walls, so Michael and Dianna asked for some help. Did you know that a well played game of fetch on a regular basis will dramatically reduce or stop virtually all excessive unwanted behaviors like chewing, scratching, digging, jumping, leash pulling and more?
Plus active dogs generally live a longer, happier life if they routinely and vigorously exercise.

My experience tells me that a lot of people stop too soon when it comes to teaching fetch. In fact, most people are about 3 training sessions away from having a dog that understands the basic rules of fetch, with the proper guidance of course ;).

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