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Every morning, Milo wakes his mom with the gentle touch of a paw and sandpaper kisses. The sweet tabby cat loves to start their day with snuggles. In a video from The Dodo, his mom explained, “We stay in bed for a little while so that he can have his pets.”

Which makes total sense! Cats can’t have a proper day without a plethora of love from their waking humans. Milo has it figured out.

After Milo and his mom get out of bed, he makes sure to keep her company while she takes a shower. Next comes the all-important skin care routine and Milo insists on being part of it. “When I’m using cotton pads on my face, he likes if I rub his face with some cotton pads as well.”

The Dodo/Twitter

Milo also knows how important good dental hygiene can be, so he has his own toothbrush. His mom helps him brush his cute little fangs as she brushes her teeth. And for smooth, stripy fur that shines like the sun, he then steals the hairbrush from his mom.

The Dodo/Twitter

The Dodo/Twitter

Proper Breakfast Before Work

Once Milo and mom are ready for the day, Milo directs breakfast preparations, but his mom knows the truth. “He’s secretly hoping I’ll drop some food or sneak him a little bit of food as well.”

Another move that makes sense in the mind of the cat. After all, what the human eats, kitties think they should be eating too!

The Dodo/Twitter

Once it’s time for his mom to make the cat food money, Milo settles in nearby as she works from home. She’s able to work steady until Milo says it’s breaktime. He’s very strict about her taking breaks as he needs regular attention. Any other self-respecting tab would do the same!

Afternoons Outside and Reading Before Bed

As the day wears on and the afternoon sun warms the land, Milo and his mom stretch their legs outside for a little bit. Unless its raining. Milo is no fan of rain!

The Dodo/Twitter

But snuggles can be had inside or out, so as long as he has his mom’s attention, Milo is a happy cat! He keeps to her side all evening long and when bedtime comes, he’s happy to read a few pages. But then, he demands the book be put down. It’s time for dreamy snuggles so they can do it all again the next day.

His mom shared, “I feel pretty lucky that somehow I ended up with one of the most affectionate cats in the entire world.”

Milo shreds the stereotype of aloof cats, proving our kitties love us just as much we love them!

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H/T and Feature Image: The Dodo/Twitter

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