Two kittens have been through thick and thin together since birth, and blossomed into the sweetest bonded pair.

One Cat At a Time

A litter of seven newborn kittens came to One Cat At a Time (a kitten rescue in Quebec, Canada), after they were found in critical condition.

They were extremely frail and small, and despite their very best efforts to save them all, the two cream torties were the only ones that pulled through.

The feline sisters, Charlotte and Victoria, showed incredible warrior spirit from day one. “They were the strongest kittens of their litter. Charlotte would meow until she got her bottle. She purred and made muffins (kneading) even at 24 hours old,” Marie Simard, founder of One cat at a Time, told Love Meow.

One Cat At a Time

“Victoria is a miracle kitten. The vet didn’t think she would make it but after days of caring for them with little sleep and a lot of worries and stress, she finally perked up.”

The sisters overcame the first hurdle and started to put on weight and strength.

One Cat At a Time

Around four weeks old, they were met with yet another difficult challenge. They fell very ill with feline panleukopenia, a highly infectious viral disease of cats. The likelihood of recovery for infected kittens, less than eight weeks old, is poor.

Despite the odds stacked up against them, Marie was determined to do whatever it took to save them.

One Cat At a Time

She followed a strict protocol and provided critical care for the kittens around the clock. Due to their age and condition, the vet gave a grim diagnosis with less than 5% chance of survival. The kittens never showed any sign of giving up, and continued to fight to live.

During that time, the two were often seen wrapping their arms around one another while purring nonstop, providing that much-needed comfort to keep each other going.

One Cat At a Time

“With a lot of love and care, they survived and became the most playful and affectionate kittens,” Marie told Love Meow.

It was nothing short of a miracle as the kittens bounced back after their illness. Their resilience and bond forged them forward, all the way to victory. Their rambunctious, playful side soon emerged and came in, in full swing.

One Cat At a Time

Once they got enough strength in their little legs, the sisters plotted an escapade out of their playpen, so they could explore the whole house together.

After their unexpected excursion, they curled up next to each other on their human’s lap, as they replenished for the next round of mischief-making.

One Cat At a Time

The tortie girls have turned into some serious love-bugs. Whenever Marie is around, they happily prance over to her and crawl onto her lap for a long cuddle session.

“They are very affectionate and love to sleep on us. They are very bonded. I’m sure it has to do with them getting through the sickness and surviving together,” Marie shared with Love Meow.

One Cat At a Time

“They are always playing and sleeping as a pair and purring all the time. They are never apart.”

The two best friends are almost ready to find their forever home. They are a packaged deal and can’t be separated.

One Cat At a Time

Throughout this journey, Marie’s 9-year-old daughter has been the kittens’ biggest cheerleader.

Once the sisters were out of the woods, she offered herself as their designated cuddle buddy, showering them with love.

One Cat At a Time

The little fighters have blossomed into the happiest and the most cuddly kitties. They enjoy snuggling on their foster mom’s shoulders while she works, and keeping her company when she does chores.

One Cat At a Time

“It was the most difficult rescue I have done. Charlotte and Victoria are survivors. They are the most affectionate and playful kittens I’ve ever had,” Marie shared.

One Cat At a Time

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