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Pet Care is a pet awareness initiative by Harwinder Grewal. Who is a director of Bhola Shola Pet Services and Farm Private Limited. In his videos, you can get deep knowledge about pets in the Hindi Language. He also tells most of the hidden aspects of Dog Business and Pets Business.
Are Shih Tzu good for first time owners
Shih Tzu belongs to most unique breed. Yes, I would definitely recommend for first time owners. Owners who don’t have any experience in dog training or it’s they’re first ever dog. But few things to consider being a first time Shih Tzu owner. Will it match your lifestyle? Well, I will dissect most of the Shih Tzu traits, you be a better judge.
 Activity – They love to go for short daily walks and play indoor games. They also love to play outside.
 Socialization – Being a Shih Tzu owner is always a proud feeling. Shih Tzu never leaves you alone. Whether you are in kitchen or couch, they need to be next to you. In order make them a better Social dog, its recommended to make them meet other dogs(vaccinated and good-tempered) and a lot of friends & family. They learn appropriate behavior around people and dogs they don’t know.
 Potty Training – Shih Tzu takes longer than other dogs to toilet train. Spending that extra hour to teach them daily is worth. Being a small sized dog, their bladders are small. While it’s being a puppy, you are prone to mistakes. Be ready for spending some extra time to teach.
 Inside Dog – Shih Tzu is not kennel dogs. They love being inside the home. They require company and human contact being in the house with you. They love your couch (not because they love it, they want your company, want to be right next to you always). If you don’t like them to sit on your couch, make sure to get comfy beds and place right next to a couch or where ever you sleep. It should not be too far away at your sleep time.
 Do not leave your Shih Tzu alone for long hours(not more than 8 hours). They are companion friendly dogs. They can spend extra long hours on their toys or munching on some peanut butter. But they expect humans to be around.
 Dislikes Heat – If you are in part of the country where temperatures are soaring, better keep them air conditioned. Shih Tzu’s don’t like temperature. They like to keep cool and search for the place where the temperature is relatively low even inside the house.
 Small size – Puppies are physically more fragile, emotionally more vulnerable to teasing and other behaviors that a child may display. Therefore, if children are taught how to handle, speak to, and interact with a Shih Tzu, this breed will do just fine with youngsters of any age.KnowWhat is Teacup Shih Tzu or Imperial Shih Tzu
 Snore – Yes, Shih Tzu does snore. They have a flat nose so they can’t help it.
 Guard dogs? No way it’s a guard dog, but it will bark for every sound at your doorstep. Whether it’s being a mailman or squirrel. It can be anyone who walks by at your walkway. It’s not guarding capability. But it’s just letting you know that there is a stranger on your property. May have a tendency to bark excessively, so socialization is very important.
 Grooming – Last but not least commitment to grooming your Shih Tzu to be kept at high priority. If you can’t maintain their long silky hair, better have a haircut. Keep the coat short else it’s more frequently their coat will matt if you give less care to grooming. Keeping coat short has a lot of advantages, it reduces grooming time, you can skip grooming at least one or two days, keeping away from a lot of infections caused due to dirty hair. If you decide to have a full coated Shih Tzu – their hair can scratch their eyes and cause blindness, due to the nose not being long enough to keep the hair out of their eyes
Certain traits that would fit your lifestyle, Shih Tzu makes a
 Excellent companion
 Needs minimal exercise
 Sweet, playful, and friendly
 Alert, curious, and busy
 Good around other pets and dogs
 Intelligent, friendly, and easily won over
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