In this video my daughter wanted to show you how she cares for her two pet ducks! Its not as easy as you may think and there is a lot of work and planning and money that goes into caring for ducks, so if your not interested in getting ducks for pets, then I highly suggest to do your research on the ducks that you get, I know everyone has their own opinions of how to raise them and what’s the best foods and housing for them, but that goes with any animal out there! So this is what works for us and this is what we do with ours, they are pretty fun animals to have and we enjoy having them! Bristol hopes that you like her ducks and see how much hard work she puts in caring for them! We hope you enjoy this video and if you do please comment below something to Bristol so that she can read all the comments! Thanks for watching how we care for our pet ducks video!

Music: Funny Song – Bensound
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Hey welcome to my channel! I am Lacey and I love to save money anywhere I can! On my channel I will be sharing with you ways to do just that, may it be by couponing at stores or clearance finds, or some of my tips how I save money monthly. Also I love to cook and shop and I love my family, so I wanted this channel to be a channel where I could honestly just put whatever I want out there to log my life and help people out through my videos in any way that I can!! I plan to have weekly videos of saving money somewhere and also a video or two of something more, could possibly be my family, a day in the life, or even a vlog style video. My main priority on this channel though is to connect with others like myself and to share things that I know!

A little about me:
Im a born redhead with blue eyes, I have 3 daughters and 1 son, and a step daughter and step son. Im married to my best friend..well my second best friend, my first would be my sister Courtney. She is also someone who has pushed me to start this channel and helps me in any way she can, id say she is my biggest supporter in this! I am a HHA(home health aid) and I work from home through a company getting to care for my older sister Meagan, who was born with cerebral palsy and is completely wheelchair bound. This job allows me to stay home and raise my kids which I absolutely love! I love to coupon, and bargain shop, hiking, kayaking, and anything that has to do with my kids and husband!

You can connect with me on instagram @ MC1R_LDR!

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