APR 15, 2021: It has been 36 hours since our last poosplosion…

APR 13, 2021: The uncensored rescue reality continues! Sushi still has oozing diarrhea. She will be wearing a weaning onesie (a.k.a. weansie) on and off while we try to encourage her kittens to eat more solid foods. The faster the kittens are weaned, the faster we can start treating Sushi with stronger meds. We have ruled out the more serious causes for her diarrhea, and are hopeful this will be resolved once it is safe to begin additional meds. Please rest assured the weansie is sized properly, and we have this situation as under control as it can possibly be. 🙂

APR 5, 2021: Sushi has diarrhea. She has no control over it coming out. We follow her around putting in clean blankets, cleaning her up and disinfecting as much as possible, but the diarrhea is winning. Please excuse the mess until we get her feeling better, and rest assured we are doing as much as we can. We are treating her with everything we possibly can that is safe for nursing kittens, and monitoring hydration, vitals, etc. There are stronger meds we can give once kittens are a bit older, or if we prematurely and permanently stop them from nursing. Diarrhea is VERY common in pregnant and nursing cats, and other than it being impossible to keep everything clean for more than 10 consecutive seconds, we have no concerns about her health.


APR 3, 2021: Sushi’s family loved her very much, but when circumstances changed and they were unable to find housing that allowed pets, they were forced to give her up. The shortage of pet-friendly, affordable housing in our area is a huge problem, and seems to have gotten even worse with the pandemic.

Our hearts break for everyone affected by these situations, but we are very happy to be able to help by providing the best possible care to Sushi and her babies, and making sure they are all spayed and neutered before adopting them into loving homes.

Sushi was born Feb 14, 2020, and her kittens were born March 8.

Nori – Girl tuxie (white nose)
Kobe – Boy tuxie (black nose)
Toro – Boy cow kitten (mini me)

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